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Black Friday What does it mean and how the name of Black Friday came up


Black Friday is a shopping phenomenon whose roots are from the US and its now a highly anticipated thing taking its toll around the internet and throughout various countries.

Black Friday is a day when there are heavy discounts at products around shops which is mainly due to making people turn up for the heavy expenditure of money on buying things.

But the main question still remains intact that how the annual tradition of Black Friday comes along and how did it get its name?

black friday

What is the meaning of Black Friday?

On the day of Black Friday, there is a heavy decrease in the retail prices of the product for 24 hours and it is mainly for helping out people to buy products at cheaper prices during the festive season of Christmas.

In the US during the days of traditional Black Friday people used to often queue for hours, even days to get benefits from the best bargains available.

The traditional Black Friday was a bit slow in rest of the other countries but with the hype through digital marketing, there are great trends in shopping online due to Black Friday discounts.

The people during the traditional Black Friday days often did get violent which is a major negativity about traditional Black Friday. Whereas the digital Black Friday trends help people in shopping quietly easily.

Why the name Black Friday?

The day was provided this particular name as the day which provides discounts moves into the black which means that the shops have enough money to cover their costs while reducing their products prices.

The name Black Friday originated in the UK among the police officials as it was referring to the Friday before the Christmas celebration which means emergency services have to be on their toes due to Christmas celebrations.

Black Friday

This term got more associated with the huge shopping event since the period of 2014. Black Friday is a well-known term for the shoppers and the word has been spread more in the US markets since the beginning of the 21st century.

When is Black Friday 2018?

In 2018, Black Friday is on 23rd November while there is also Cyber Monday on 26th November.

There are many offers going through at different shops both digitally as well as traditionally and these shops release details about their sale beforehand so there is plenty of options to get the best deals.

These ways it helps yourself to be prepared and organized and you know beforehand what you want before the actual Black Friday sales start which can help you in avoiding unnecessary spending.

How and Where did Black Friday come from?

Traditionally in America, the day which follows Thanksgiving is regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season.

There is almost 4 days off on Thanksgiving Day in America and people usually get the chance to have four days free shopping offer.

Recent years and especially this year the trend of Black Friday has taken over the traditional marketing a bit and there are lots of offer going on Black Friday both traditionally and digitally.

Due to digital marketing, the idea has now spread across many other countries around the world participating either for a day or week.

Big retailers like Amazon, Argos, Morrisons etc. use Black Friday to provide massive price reductions to shoppers just before the beginning of the Christmas season.

The discounts which start on Black Friday will be until Cyber Monday which is the first Monday right after the Black Friday.

Apart from the above, there is also a couple of other differences between the two, the first one being that Cyber Monday deals only apply to digital markets whereas black Friday is in store as well.

The other difference is that Cyber Monday is a strictly 24 hours shopping discounts window whereas Black Friday tends to be a five-day long thing.

Black Friday

Follows these Tips to Know Best deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

It would be very tempting to grab up all the deals which show up on your screen during Black Friday and Cyber Monday but here is a way by which you could easily and guaranteed to find about getting a good deal.

  • Prepare: First thing first, research the items you are willing to buy and then find out the cheapest price of the item. There are lots of websites which would provide you the historical data on prices so that you are able to see how much you should pay.
  • Get Following: follow your favorite brands and shops on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and sign up on their deals newsletter to get the grip on the latest offers.
  • Earn cashback: There are lots of websites which provide cash back to customers when they make payment digitally on different online stores and platforms.
  • Look out for Codes: Look at different digital and social platforms to get extra savings by finding out a lot of discount codes for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.



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