The need for Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has changed the way companies interact, communicate, research, build relationships and perform other activities. People are spending most of the time on the mobile phone, internet and digital platform. Thus, marketers are now targeting this huge portion of the customers using the digital platform. 

Demand for Digital Marketing experts

Each year there is a huge entry of companies that turn from traditional way of marketing to the digital advertising.

For handling such responsibilities and promotional activities for these companies, there is a rapid rise in the demand for the certified Marketing professionals. With this, there is a secure career and high growth in this industry. 

Career and growth

The career path is well understood with the changing trend of online shipping across the global market. Now people find online as the best place to meet their product requirement instead of exploring the local area market.

In order to grow business over the internet, companies need to have a strong existence. For this, they need to have an official website, quality content, handle SEO activities and handle marketing strategies. This is the reason that Digital Marketing career provides a wide range of hierarchy for beginners to experienced professionals. Once completing the certification or gaining the right knowledge, there are chances to get an important role like. Here is a detailed explanation of the different career path and their growth in terms of salary:

  1. Digital Marketing analyst and executive, Salary Rs. 20,00040,000 per month
  2. Digital Marketing Specialist, Salary 4-5 lacs per annum
  3. Digital marketing manager, Team Lead or account manager, Salary 5-6 lacs per annum
  4. Digital Marketing Strategist, Salary 5-6 lacs per annum
  5. Chief Marketing office

Gap in demand and supply of digital marketing jobs

With the increasing popularity of this marketing form, the need for experts has arisen. It is only a digital marketing experts who can understand the overall changing trends in the market and across the business over the world. Currently, there is a scarcity of the professionals when matched with the yearly demand of the industry. With this, each year students, professionals, job seekers and marketing experts are undergoing the certification course and emerging as the marketing professionals. They are assigned to different positions in advertising companies and experiencing a decent career growth opportunity. 

Conclusion: Marketing platform has changed in past few decades and has given rise to a digital platform. For handling marketing activities at each level, there is a hierarchy of professionals in this industry. This growth can be noticed with the salary that they takeaway per annum at different designation. This industry has noticed a great change in customer behaviour and impact of the digital platforms for advertisement.