Looking at the high demand of the digital marketer experts, this is the right time to start a career in this most demanding industry. There are set skills that are required to be an expert marketer. This requirement has increased the gap between demand and support in this industry. In India, there is a high growth career opportunity for the job seekers, young students, existing professionals and marketers. This is the reason that Digital marketing is a hot career option in India at present moment. Since last 3 years, Digital India and Make in India has further boosted the digital platform in the country. With everything getting digitalised, there is a need for experts who can handle these activities. 

Moreover, companies are also opting for the digital platform to promote their brands and enter the global market. Each of the company in the world market is investing in digital marketing activities and bringing their business over the internet. The companies have increased their area of operation and due to this, they require digital marketing experts for their help. 

Why Digital Marketing?

With the world moving towards the digital revolution, there is a high need for companies to grow over the internet and break the boundaries of their country. This lower the cost of advertisement, real-time performance evaluation and easy way to connect with the ultimate customers. 

How much different Digital Marketing professional get?

For people who perform different roles in handling various Digital Marketing activities get a salary based on their overall experience and the position they hold. Here is a detailed list of role and the salary. 

  1. Digital Marketing Manager, Salary 4-10 lakhs
  2. SEO Manager, Salary 3-7 lakhs
  3. SEM/PPC expert, Salary 3-5 lakhs
  4. Web developer/designer, Salary 3-6 lakhs
  5. Social Media Manager, Salary 3.5-7 lakhs
  6. Content Writer, Salary 2-5-5 lakhs

Along with this, you get the opportunity to handle different roles like analyst manager, CRM manager, Email marketing manager, E-Commerce manager, digital agency account manager, content marketer, SEO experts/executive, etc. 

How to start a career?

For entering in this industry, there is no need to hold a special degree, just get certified as a digital marketer from a reputed academy. This will definitely help you to stand firm and away from the crowd and you do not have to struggle in the career. Just look for the academies nearby and pick the required course and institute. Just get the required knowledge and practical experience to play different roles that are required in the industry.  

Conclusion: Digital Marketing has emerged as the best career option for the young talents, job seekers, professionals, business persons, etc. There are a huge career progress, decent salary and different role options in this way of advertising.