With the change in the time, the concept of marketing has also changed. If we look a decade back, the information about any product or service was very hard to get over the internet, there were only a few companies listed online. Today, there is no limit to the information regardless of any industry. Today there is limitless information on the customer’s reviews, countless vendors, thousands of companies and amazing marketing strategies. Today people have options to get their right products and gather complete knowledge before talking to the customers. 

The thing to celebrate is that today there is a new set of marketing strategies and concept that is helping marketers to get an edge over the competitors. Here are few major changes that have taken place in last decade in Digital Marketing.  

Digital Evolution:

Since the last 10 years, we witness the growth of the digital revolution that has completely changed the way marketing was done. This is really the most effective platform that has turned the world into a single market. 

Google got smarter:

Earlier the important search engines were AltaVista, Yahoo, InfoSeek, WebCrawler and Lycos. With the launch of Google, the era of the new revolution started. Google launched in 1998 and is now the most popular search engine for internet users. 

SEO grew up:

SEO came into existence and is now the basic tool to rank the website over the search engine. Earlier, was not essential and marketers were not aware of its importance. A decade before, techniques like article submission, keyword stuffing and link spamming were recommended for better marketing. 

Digital PR became incredibly powerful:

Since last decade, PR agency has emerged and now provide to be the best platform to gather complete information on different products in the market. Earlier, radio, TV, print media and other platforms were used to gather or send information to the customers. So far, Digital PRs now backup the customer’s decision based on the real facts, data and quantifiable results. 

Social media became popular:

With the introduction of the social media, there entered a new revolution in the marketing industry. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc became the most powerful medium to communicate with the customers directly. Social media now became the primary way to influence the targeted customers. 

Marketing became less aggressive:

With the better research and online availability of all the companies, marketing has become less aggressive than a decade back. Today marketing is based on the concept of understanding the customers, their interest and tailor-made content.  


In last decade, the marketing concept has completely changed and people are now more connected to the companies. Social media, digital platform and online marketing concept have changed the way marketing was a decade back.