When it comes to thinking of a business, marketing is one of the major concern for the business owners. Entering a business without any marketing concept means nurturing a plant without providing it with enough water, air and sun. This is the reason that for growing a business, digital platform is required in this digital era. For this, Digital Marketing is the best solution for an effective business promotion. With this, it is also emerging as the best in-demand career option to young talents and to them who are looking for a new job.

What is Digital Marketing its tools

what is digital marketing

Never shot an arrow in the dark unless you are clear about the basic concepts of Digital Marketing. For this, be clear about the Digital Marketing and the tools used in it. Digital Marketing is a concept where the digital platform is used to promote any brand. It is not restricted to email, website or social media, it also includes mobile optimization, content publication and data analytics. In simple terms, it is a cocktail of various ingredients of marketing and each of them have their own role to play. Some important Digital marketing tools include Email marketing, Search Engine Optimization, content optimization, PPC, mobile marketing, and many more. 

Core Concepts of Digital marketing

There are few core concepts around which the entire Digital Marketing theory revolves. Here is a detailed information on each of them.  

Inbound Marketing:

Inbound Marketing

In this Concepts of Digital marketing, customers voluntary come and gather the information of any brand though reading blogs, social media profiles, eBooks, etc. 

Content Marketing:

This concept consists of promoting brand using the high-quality content. In this, the solution to the problems, brand promotion and other information is provided using blogs, webinars, eBooks and articles.  

Email Marketing:

Email Marketing

This marketing concept utilize the qualified email contact information for sharing promotional messages like educational content, ads, company update and sales/special offers. This concept has great impact and build loyal customer 

Influencer Marketing: This is the most effective way to influence people and attract them towards a brand. So far, there are various voices in the market, and this a new method where an individual has influence over the targeted audience. These individuals further share and promote the product to their online network. This marketing concept is therefore build to promote products over the social network through admiration and influence. 

Conclusion: The basic concepts of Digital marketing play a vital role and help businesses to find the right platform and method to gain the customers attention. Each of them has their own concept and depends on the nature of the business. Special care is required to pick a well-mix of the concepts considering the nature of the targeted customers.