Over the last few years, the change in the marketing style has completely given birth to the digital marketing concept. The traditional way of marketing started losing its popularity and the concept is transforming from traditional way to digital way. With this, it has created a new marketing specialist who deals with the digital space. 

  • What is digital and traditional marketing?

There are many companies that find it hard to know what type of marketing concept to pick based on the budget. For this, you need to be clear about the terms. For this, the use of newspaper, print ads, TV, radio and magazines are known as traditional marketing. On the other hand use of the digital platform for promoting a brand is known as digital marketing.  

The role of digital marketer and traditional marketer

Digital Marketer


  1. Content strategy: The digital marketer needs to design and analyse the functionality of the website of a company.
  2. SEO and SEM: Digital marketer is responsible to target audience, improve the ranking of the website and use the paid media advertising to drive the required online traffic. 
  3. E-Commerce: This expert need to concert website visit into the online sale. For this, he needs to make the online shopping easy, interesting and affordable. 
  4. Social Networking: Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ are used to engage customers and develop brand awareness. 
  • Traditional Marketer

The traditional marketer concentrates on promoting a brand using the traditional platforms like TV, radio, billboards, hoardings, newspaper, magazines, mailboxes, etc. With this marketing concept, it is easy to reach the target audience, the material can be kept, easy to understand, etc. The traditional marketer has little control over the impact of these advertising mediums over the customers and it becomes hard to keep the track of the impact of these ways. This way of marketing is costly to the digital concept. However, it has to be used in parallel with the digital marketing to get best from the advertisement. 

  • How to use both traditional and digital marketing

The traditional marketing methods best support the digital marketing. Therefore, the marketer needs to have a better understanding of both the way of marketing. With the change in technology, the introduction of the internet and impact of social media we only use hard copy marketing materials and club it with the digital medium. It is always the best way to have a multi-channel approach rather than depending on the single way of marketing. 

Conclusion: Both Digital and traditional marketer has to understand the impact of marketing style in promoting a brand. Marketing is not either way, it is the combination of all the possible concepts. So the role of both digital and traditional marketer is important when it comes to promoting a brand in the global market.