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Email Marketing Practices has the Answer to Everything


The most broadly adopted email marketing practice according to the annual email industry census from Econsultancy and Adestra is Basic segmentation. The last year the use of basic segmentation was 80% and it has grown to 82% of respondents worldwide this year.

88% of decision makers agree that segmentation is important to their email marketing efforts. According to Econsultancy and Adestra survey, 70% marketers already use common practice for optimizing email for mobile devices while 18% of them are planning to do so.

 In fact, any email related activities which include reporting, data and strategy and planning takes more time than mobile optimization. 
 Email Marketing Statistics
•    66% of marketers are employing the strategies of a responsive email template in order to optimize email for different devices.
•    While 59% of them adapt email design to have the simpler template that loads well on all devices.
•    And, 59% of marketers use shorter subject lines for optimizing email for different devices.
•    63% of company marketers use regular email marketing practices.
•    While 52% of company marketers encourage sharing of content on social networks.'
•    45% of company marketers use personalized content while 38% uses advanced segmentation.

Return on Investments is still Greater for Email Campaigns

The return of investments associated with email marketing has continued to enthusiast marketers which top the count of all other direct media. Out of four company respondents 3 rate email marketing as excellent or for return on investments out of the total of 9 lists of channels.

The next on the list is an organic search of SEO which is rated excellent or good by 7 out of 10 respondents which were a little than the paid search option.

Marketers show very less confidence in the return on investments from their mobile marketing and social media efforts which is 45% and 39% respectively.

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