Facebook is one of the most trusted and usable social media tools across the world. However, people get distracted by the videos that have fake or pretended play buttons and waste lot of time. Understanding this problem of the Facebook users, the company has decided to downrank clickbait videos and links with such fake play buttons. With this, users will be saved from clicking on such videos and links rather than shady ones. 

It is the intention of every Facebook user that once they click on any video, it has to play, but the same does not happen most of the time. Spanners are available over the internet that uses pretended buttons and make use of the static picture disguised as a video. For limiting them, Facebook has decided to limit them in the approaching week. In this competitive and busy lifestyle, people wish to see the real information and no fake news on this social media.   

As the result of this information, Facebook to experience the new Android app design in days to come that will protect the website from such malpractices. As per the firm, the new Home Screen will be available with the improved navigation system and will bring better readability. The company has also updated the style of comments and how they look like. This will help users to identify the comments that are directly replied by the user and the ones that are done by another person. The new comments look like bubble instead of being placed between the two lines.  

The company has also changed the colour contrast to improve the readability. This will improve the typography and will be more legible, updated like, comment, has made larger link previews and share buttons easier and larger to tap.  Adding to this, Facebook users are also likely to experience the change in the new circular profile pictures in the comment sections. And even in the news feeds. The main purpose of these new changes is to limit such spam posts and help users to stay away from any online fraud that is increasing on Facebook.