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Five Deadly Sins of Digital Marketing


In case you are looking forward to increasing the creditability of your digital marketing strategy than there are these five deadly sins which you should avoid in digital marketing.

This article would help in revoking your digital marketing sins and thus helping you to focus on more convincing digital marketing strategies.

Desire | Without any perfect strategy thinking about success

The foremost sin which is committed by most of us is desire. Related to digital marketing, it is the desire to become powerful and successful as an individual, brand or digital agency. Desire is not something to hate but when you are not planning any perfect strategies for achieving your desired success, it is sure to become a sin in digital marketing.

Success is not just a matter of time as it requires lot of planning, experimenting and strategizing. So, it is highly recommended that you should avoid being a sinner and work hard towards accomplishment of your goals.

digital marketing

Animalism | Saying lot more than you could digest on Social Media

There is no need to run through all the social media platform to market your business properly. There should be a strategy for finding out the right social media platform for your audience and then starting your business strategies. In case your target audience is more than the age of 60 than snapchat is probably not the place to market your business.

Apart from knowing the right social media platform on which your audience is active, it is also recommended that you can use the chosen sites to the best of their ability.


Greed | There is no need to sell it to everybody

Greediness in any marketing fundamentals doesn’t work at all. Start your campaigns by researching more so that you will find the right audience for your marketing.

The road to increase engagement, improving conversions and ultimately sales can be easily done by audience segmentation and choosing the right target audience.


Lethargy | Laziness in Content creation is a big NO.

Digital marketer should avoid creation of lazy and creepy content. The unimaginative and poorly written content are not liked by anyone and your audiences too would not like it for sure.

And, after you have mastered the content creation, the next step is not be super lazy when it comes to content sharing. Your content should be delivered to the right target audience using various methods such as social media, online communities, strong SEO and email campaigns.

digital marketing

Jealousy | Don’t get envy from your competitors instead get creative.

Your digital strategy would have data analysis and most of the businesses will easily track their competitors social and SEO insights through Facebook insights and SEMrush.

The main fundamental to success in digital marketing is not getting jealous about your competitors instead get creative for learning the fundamentals.


These deadly sins should be completely avoided by digital marketers and they should also back it up by using a killer strategy to get more target audiences and getting above your competition.

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