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Five Email Marketing Tips to Bring Your Customer Back


The most essential part of any business is maintaining your existing customers and getting some new customers as well. Many businesses ignore the fact of customer retention to a larger extent and this way they miss out one or more critical information regarding email campaign for customer’s retention. 
This post is basically for covering the very important topic for your business which is customer retention through email marketing. According to a study, 68% of consumers will not return to the brand which has lost him before. 
However the report also says that 80% out of those people wish that their company had done something more in order to retain them.  So the main question arises here are you and your business is doing everything which is necessary in retaining your customers or simply you are letting them walk away from you.
These 5 emails below are extremely critical and importance for any email marketing campaign. These emails are extremely helpful and could be used for sending the effective customer retention campaign. This campaign can be easily run on autopilot and could be a lot better option for customer retention process for your business.
•    Onboarding Emails
 Onboarding email sequence
The first thing which crosses your mind in regard of getting customers coming back for more is surely not Onboarding. The plus point with any brand new customers is that they are probably the warmest and the purchase they made of your product is still fresh on their minds.
The most important thing related with Onboarding emails is that you are making them use your product right away and there will then lesser chances of losing your customers.
You can ensure these things by sending your new customers the onboarding process before 48hours after the complete sign up process is done. This way you will encourage your customers in completing their profile or taking the first step for using their product.
•    Inactivity Emails
These are the emails which are used for re-engaging customers who have not interacted with your business or brand in a while and it is known as inactivity emails.
The inactivity sometimes is sometimes due to the fact that customers are not able to understand the product and service of your business. The inactivity emails should be sent with actionable tips in order to make it more active. 
•    Activity Emails
 Image result for activity emails
Everyone is very much comfortable about the activity emails and these are the types of emails which users are the happiest to receive. The activity emails basically carry the notifications, updates, summaries of the user’s activity.
These emails are perfect way of increasing engagement as users is more comfortable with these kinds of mails. According to a research activity emails are more frequently opened as compared with promotional emails and it is eight times more than the promotional emails. 
In other words the transactional emails are making you lose opportunity to reach subscribers.
•    Renewal Emails
This type of email campaign is very much necessary for the business which have subscription based product thus it becomes important for reminding customers about the time when it the membership is required to be renewed.
This type of email campaign could be also sent to users if your business is offering free trial along with your products. These email campaigns would help them in getting reminder about the continuation of their service after free trial.
•    Up Sells & Cross Sells
Customers who have just bought your product bring out more chances in buying your products again and you and your business could use this as your great advantage.
The customer who would be willing to buy some other related product due to your email campaign is known as cross sells. While Customers who would look to buy product of higher end is known as an up sell.
Any excellent customer retention email marketing campaign includes strategies and planning which would help in increasing the customer engagement all the journey with your brand. And losing any of these critical components would make you lose customers to another brand and your competitor. 

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