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Five Secrets you will not want to know About Content Marketing Tool


With the much-known benefits of Content marketing in the future, 59% of B2C marketers and 55% of B2B marketers are looking forward to expanding their expanse on content marketing this year.

There is much growth in the competition in content marketing and nearly all the businesses are looking forward to changing their strategies with the help of interesting content which looks for engaging their audience.

content writing

It is very important to invest wisely to bring your brand to limelight in today’s competition. You should always be ready to compare your content marketing strategies if it is performing well against the industry standards.

The most important strategy which your strategy should carry is that you deliver unique, fresh and informative content which keeps your target audience engrossed in it.

  1. Researching with BuzzSumo

This tool helps you in finding the competition and it finds what is right for your niche and who you should promote your content to for optimal exposure.

Buzzsumo top content

This tool is also beneficial in finding hot and trending content around a topic, viral pages on competitor sites, which content to share and curate, gets the idea of quality guest posting targets and influencers for any niche.

This tool will also help you in locating target placements for your location and thus promoting content on Twitter. BuzzSumo will without any doubt help in increasing content marketing ROI.

  1. Organizing by CoSchedule


With the help of an editorial calendar, it is very easy to manage content on your website or blog. The CoSchedule will help you in keeping your content as fresh, consistent and engaging. This will further help you in fortifying the web presence of yours and thus will be helpful in growing your readership.

All your scheduled posts are easily done through CoSchedule due to its great layout. This tool also helps you in seeing all your scheduled social media posts right at one place. This tool helps in making the job of content marketing much easier by easy scheduling of social media posts and rescheduling of older posts.

  1. Optimization by Crazy Egg

There are lots of features provided by Crazy Egg apart from a heat map, scroll maps, overlay maps, and the confetti report. These, when used together, will give you valuable insight into the performance of your content.

crazy egg

The heat map report provided by the crazy egg is there for displaying the actual clicks on your website by visitors and this will help you in knowing the engagement with your website. Scroll maps provided by Crazy egg could help you in seeing the time spent by visitors.

In order to re-prioritize your vital content to pages which are more popular on your website, you could take the help of Crazy Egg.

  1. Increasing Email Subscribers for Convert Pro

Convert Pro is known as the most advanced solution for lead generation and there is also a plug-in for Convert Pro. The plug-in which comes along with WordPress allows users for creating the call to actions for holding back abandoning visitors.

Convert Pro

With the help of this convert pro, you could increase your mailing list and increase conversions on your website.

Convert Pro could help you in the following ways:


  1. Email Marketing by Mailchimp

In making a business’s overall content strategy a success Email marketing plays a vital role. There are plenty of options through which you can automate your emails for sending them to different audiences but according to me, you should always prefer using Mailchimp instead of any other email marketing tool.


This tool is helpful in the following way:

  • Creation of your newsletter or use one of its pre-provided elegant templates.
  • You could always target different audiences by segmenting your mailing list.
  • Sending out the newsletter every time there is blog update by you.
  • You could know how well the marketing campaigns of yours are doing by sending reports detailing about that has opened your newsletters.


Content marketing is more than just framing what to write and how to write. But you have to ensure that it is reaching your target audiences and is shared by them across various social networking platforms.

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