The new Smart Display Campaigns have brought to light, the fact of automation in more than just the artist presentation. The latest Campaign included Targeting, Binding and the ads to all run-on automation powered by the process of machine learning instrumentation.

The smart display pulled off the prevalent data over the advertisement to create interactive text and native advertisements. There are some specification required to implement such dynamic advertisements which includes,

  • Conversion tracking set up and a minimum of 50 conversions on the display networks/ 100 conversion on Search ads, in the past month.
  • Usage of CPA bidding.
  • Site exclusions
  • Daily Budget: 10-15 times the target CPA bid.

One can also attach a feed to the campaign to run the advertisements, the user needs to keep in mind that this system would not be under the control of any consulting body.

The advertising platforms seems promising from the basic creative touch to the impacting smart displays and the digital marketers should definitely look forward to this new trend.