Mobile users will be excited to know that Google has introduced a new, appealing and fresh look for more convenient results. Looking at this new design for the mobile search, there is a lot to be found and explored. This new design gets all new search cards and boxes within the search cards. This look is appropriate for the mobile search and truly fits in the modern mobile screens. Along with the rounded corner, users will also have a noticeable change like blue links that are brighter that is more pleasing to the eye for the users over the earlier dark blue colour. Adding to this, the review stars on business listings have been changed where it gets yellow colour from existing orange colour. 

This new change is not yet officially announced by the official from Google. It is also not a surety that these changes are permanent or introduced as a temporary. Thus, beyond these changes, no other significant changes are noticed. Despite the new changes, the page will still have the same number of local packs, the same number of ad units, the same amount of listings and there is the same search related listing at the bottom. Further, the design or colour of the Google app and desktop site has not experienced any change.

With this, it is clear that the company has not yet decided to fully invest in making such changes in the Google page design. Google users need to wait for the further announcement from the officials of Google regarding this and the upcoming changes if any. So far, this change is highly welcomed by the mobile users and they are excited to have a new experience with this search engine. These new changes closely resemble the devices on which they are viewed on.