Google is known for keeping it updated and featured with latest technology and tools that ease the life of users. This time, it has announced more robust YouTube advertising tools that will help advertisers to target selected audience and measure their campaigns effectively. This new advertising tool is friendly with the smart phones as almost more than half of the Google users get access to YouTube using the smart phones. Google is now scaling custom creative with Director Mix. This technology has made it easy to create professionals level video ads easily with the use of the phone. 

Custom affinity targeting is another app that is allowing advertisers to reach the prospective customers based on their behaviours. This includes search queries, locations visited on the Google Map, the installed apps and the downloaded contents. This is the best way to get in touch with the targeted audience with less effort.  

Director Mix helps users to create thousands of versions to make it suitable for the different audience. This saves a lot of time and management for the advertiser as it is now not required to prepare different ads separately for a targeted audience, as this tool will perform the same. This application is free for the advertiser and is expected to make the advertising more effective for the companies. This tool also helps in video ad sequencing. This app will help advertise to create a feasible video funnel that will help users to have a planned sequence of the interesting videos. 

With the increasing challenges for advertisers, Google is taking steps and introducing new advertising tools to bridge the gap between the online exposure and offline purchases. This tool will also help companies to measure the impact of the ad on the overall sales. In this competitive world, every advertiser aim at gaining the attention of its prospective customers and manage huge client base. These new apps from Google will surely improve the ways through which advertisers will get in touch with the targeted options. The main purpose of these new features is to provide some effective creative offerings and measuring tools to the advertisers.