For people who are bloggers or have a website for the company, it is necessary that it is made easy for the readers. For this, contents should be capable enough to swing the mood of customers and add attractive images. Considering the importance of images, it is a well known fact that they bring organic traffic via search engine to a particular website. In order to make images so effective, it is necessary that you know the best way to upload them to the website and surprise your viewers. Thus, look for the suitable answer to “How to Optimize Your Image for SEO?” A balanced answer will be a key to success. 

It is noted that whatever you post on the website can be optimized for search, but your work is not limited to the use of words only. You also need to be aware of the other tremendous part of SEO, i.e. images that are used. This is capable to speed the SEO purpose and bring desired traffic to the website. For this, one has to pay special attention to the below steps-

-    Choose the right image: Make sure to pick the image that is relevant and compelling.

-    Provide a unique name for the image using the targeted keywords – It is necessary that you name your picture. For this, if you are targeting to special geo-location, include the name of the place to your image. This same applies to the service and products. 

-   Use alternative text – This is another step that where the use of alternative text will clear the meaning that the image represents. For this, make use of the super specific keywords.

-   Pay attention to the size of image – Images should be optimized so that it takes genuine time to load.

-  Integrate the image into the copy – In this, place the image strategically, make sure that the image gains the attention of visitors and is easily searched on search engines. 

Along with this, the site content and other factors also contribute to the overall performance of the website. Thus, for people who wish to optimize their image for SEO should follow these steps strictly and know the requirement of the ultimate users. Ultimately it is the users who need to be pleased and satisfied. Thus, a website along with having a good image should also be capable to serve the ultimate purpose of the visit.