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How to Solve the Biggest Problems with Domain Selection


The first thing which everyone has to go through while starting a website is deciding the domain choice for your website. There is a lot of confusion between domain choosing among people and they are stuck between choosing microsite, the subdomain and consolidating all their websites.

The confusion among people is basically due to the reason that they are confused with the SEO impact on different types of domain choices. 

But today we will solve this problem of your domain by in a slightly different approach and majorly focusing on the goals of your website. We will make sure in choosing the right domain according to your website goals.

But, first, let us look at some common terms and definitions needed to completely understand all types of domain. 

Major Terminology Related to Domain:

Main Domain: Sometimes this is also known as the root domain. Domain or main domain is something which precedes your dot com or other TLD. 

Image result for main domain

Subdomain: A third level domain name for your domain is known as a subdomain. As for example, is an example of the subdomain.


Image result for subdomain

Subfolder: This is also known as subdirectory by some people and it is the folders trailing the dot com. The example of this would be The subfolder here is /blog. 


Microsite: This type of domain selection comes along with lots of different terminologies but actually it is just a completely separate domain from your main domain. This site is usually a bit more niche than the topic which resembles your main website.


Various Business Goals which can Impact Domain Structure


In this paragraph, we will go through business goals which can impact domain structure. The categories of different business goals can be a lot more. We will actually look into the types of business goals which would have very much impact on your domain selection.

Expansion of locations, products, and services: Here we will talk about that business which wants to expand their locations, their products or their services. This means that they want to grow and they want to expand their business in some way.


Setting Apart Distinct Facets of Business: Another type of business goals which can impact the domain structure of your website is that business wants to set apart distinct facets within their business.


Differentiating of uniquely branded sub-departments: the Business goal of differentiating uniquely branded sub-departments can also impact the domain structure of your website.


Temporary or seasonal campaigns: Temporary or seasonal campaigns are another business goal which could impact the domain structure of your website. This is when some business wants to run a conference or sponsor an event for getting a lot of media attention around some type of initiative which is completely different from their business.


Testing out a new agency or consultant: In a business when someone tries to test out a new agency or consultant than this could impact domain structure.


Here are some Pitfalls about Domain Choices:

Image result for pitfulls about domain choices

• Failing to match the future plans.

• Having Exact matching domains.

• Over fragmenting.

• Ignoring user experience.

• Setting and forgetting about your domain.

• Having Intent Overlap between domains.

The major two questions which you should focus on while choosing a domain for your business are:

1. What are you trying to accomplish?

2. What is best for your users?

There could be many complicated situations associated with your domain choices for business but you could probably make it easy by just focusing on your goals and your users. 



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