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IT Did What 8 Secrets about Quora Statistics


Quora is now one of the most important social medium platform through which you can bring engaging traffic toward your website. So you would be also interested in knowing in the most interesting Quora statistics which I have gathered.

If you are not much aware of the statistics related with Quora then this post would help you a lot in knowing these interesting stats. 
Some of the statistics related to Quora are very easy to find while others stats come from own reports of Quora. 

Here’s is List of Interesting Stats about Quora:
 Interesting Stats About Quora

•    200 million monthly users are there on Quora.

•    40 million people use Quora in the United States of America.

•    There are more than 200 million monthly unique visitors to Quora.

•    There are 15 million Quora users from India.

•    There is a vast number of topics on Quora and it goes up to 400,000 topics.

•    40% of Quora traffic is those which come from mobile.

•    There are 15% of active users in Quora which are from India.


•    The reported estimated valuation of Quora is of $ 1.8 billion.


The change in the online marketing policies has further increased the marketing strategies and technologies taking much effort in getting the traffic and popularity of their website increased with the use of Quora marketing.


But, there are also few drawbacks attached with the Quora marketing as well which every user should be aware.

The Drawbacks Attached along with Quora Marketing are As Follows:

•    Quora doesn’t allow its users to put scheduled posts.

•    You are not able to explore Quora anonymously and it asks you to sign up first to continue which could be quite frustrating for users who are not interested in signing up instantly.
 Quora Sign Up

•    There are only basic designs available for your profile as well as for your blog posts.

•    Users are not allowed to directly subscribe for Quora content as in case of WordPress.


•    Once you add content to Quora it will not remain yours any further. Quora is then responsible for submitting, posting and displaying that content.

Quora, however, cannot help in mainstream growth of business but it can further add to the brand value and popularity of products. Quora can be used particularly well for your own betterment and knowledge and also for growing your business networking. 
The use of resources from Quora in a very appropriate way could help in lead generation and brand or individual identity building and thus would be of great use for your businesses.


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