While most of us are easily convinced of the ease and efficiency of using digital marketing as a tool for increasing business, many people still hesitate when asked to switch to the virtual market. Their reasons are pretty clear – it’s pricey, requires a lot of research based networking and recruitment of cream talent among other requirements which for them means a higher budget.

I understand your concerns clearly. But, this is just one side of the coin - the liability side of it. There’s another side to this coin which I will come to later. Let’s first jot down our problems with digital marketing and try to solve them:

i. Traffic and lead generation

Every business works on a simple formula of demand and supply. While creating a product and establishing a business, the stakeholders know what the popular demand is and how much the market is going to benefit from it. Once their product is launched, the business starts to thrive based on the organic traffic at the local (physical) level. The moment the product finds success in the traditional/physical market, that’s when one should think of opting for digital marketing to increase one’s business. The internet is exactly like the open market. Generating traffic here is equally easy if you know exactly how to do it. This ‘exactly how to do it’ part is what scares most people away. But trust me, it is easier said than done.



Know what your product is about and based on that search for similar platforms to promote it. If you are advertising about cereals on a website that deals with job openings, I hope you understand that jobless people aren’t exactly the kind of people looking for cereals… In a nutshell, it is better to promote your values and ideas being in context rather than placing advertisements on every other portal confusing the traffic and creating a chaos on your website.

ii. The concern of ROI

When we invest for the sake of investing, i.e., when we don’t track our marketing investments what we are doing is, put in basic terms – a charity! And my friend, business and charity, doesn’t go hand in hand. For those who invest heavily yet are unable to profit from their investments, I have a solution.


Invest only at places you are sure to benefit from. For example, use SEO to improve your website first. Track the benefit you get once your website is optimized using SEO. Then invest further in Google adverts, pay per click etc. accordingly. DO NOT INVEST HAPHAZARDLY!

iii. The chaotic feedback procedure

You will say that your website already has a feedback tab but none of that helps anyway because the feedbacks never lead you to the problem area. Agreed. But what if there’s a better way to channelize the feedback from the user that would directly lead you to the issue that needs to be resolved?


Instead of having a lengthy feedback form, try to go for a brief format that already has drop downs of all your departments and therefore every feedback automatically directs you towards the concerned department and the description would help you to find out the exact problem that needs to be solved!

Remember the other side of the coin that I mentioned earlier? Once you shake off your fears of digital marketing and master this art, you will get to the other side of the coin – the profit side. And as far as I know, profit doesn’t need explaining, does it?