Progressive profiling Is simply a method to know your customers; in the process, one adds up criterion to excavate the necessary information from the audience regarding the demands or expectations that the individual customer might hold.

The technique is simple and straight forward, it requires an attempt to understand the new leads of audience that visits your website. Apart from the ability to understand your customers, the technique also offers the following merits:

  1. Increasing the conversion rate.
  2. Development of quality contact because of the reconverting tendencies.
  3. The repeated use of the same methods over the different landing pages.

Progressive profiling is an indirect formal way of communication that enables you to open doors to potential ideas that directly targets the organic viewers that surface out for potential growth.

The following steps will help you implement the columns for information extraction:

  1. Form your questions and fields of information that may result into potential or development.
  2. Set the accordance and the appearance timing for the fields, adjust the KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) which can help to determine the feedback process taken up by individual in response to your particular fields of questions.
  3. The final step refers to the implementations of the response after an analysis over the use of KPIs and the statistical responses.


The principles of progressive profiling is a must in developing marketing entities, the variance of purposes of a digital marketing strategy is developed through the customer demands. Thereby progressive profiling forms up as a fundamental step towards planning and organizing the entire digital marketing set up.