We are nearly half way down in year 2018 and this is the most suitable time frame to look out where we choked in maintaining our SEO strategies and initiatives thus far.

Like the other aspects of industries, every day or the other there are slight changes in the way we plan our SEO strategies. And the so called full proof method of landing atop in SERPs fails miserably within few months and dynamic changes. So, we should be aware about the completely changed orientations in SEO strategies and watch out for more relevant and accurate method of managing our business strategies.

In this article you would go through some unimaginable algorithm related to your business SEO which you will not find anywhere else.

Amazingly Surprising Trends to Make Your Business Grow

1.    Traditional SEO
The use of traditional SEO behaviour will never get old. It is still huge and would considerably grow as the time passes. In Scaling your business to a newer height, SEO is still one of the best ways. Google has precisely based its modern algorithm with the right way of SEO and this would suitable help your business to grow.


2.    YouTube SEO

 The second biggest search engine in the world is YouTube and there has been a consistent growth in the number of searches. For ranking yourself higher on YouTube you will need to completely plan your strategies differently. Though ranking yourself on YouTube is easier than on Google but the scenario is completely changed.


3.    Video in General

Mega trend is the term used by Mark Zuckerberg for online video and it really opens new horizon for your business to perceive. Videos are not only trending things on YouTube but also on many social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat etc. To thrive your business much more you can put videos in your social media ads, display ads, PPC landing pages and all over your websites. 


4.    Amazon SEO

This will bring your strategies back to SEO but slightly in a different way. Your business is about selling things online or even if it’s not, Amazon is where there are millions of eyes searching for their right buy. Why not try getting their attention towards your Business. Usually many people are not aware about Amazon SEO, but it exists. And it is the next great thing to learn for your business.

5.    Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is type of marketing done where people buy cheaper products from different market usually China and sell it through their online website. You could considerably grow your business by just a website and little advertisement of it. This is basically a little unorthodox way right now but soon it will be going to be the digital talk of the market.


6.    Data Based Advertising

The target audience ads which is a new way of marketing through Facebook and other social networking sites has generally narrowed the dimensions and difficulties of a business. To grow your business whether big or small you will have to use data solutions and advanced analytics for your marketing campaigns. The technology is completely there but you will have to bring it on the mainstream. Geo Fencing, Purchase intent and Competitor Retargeting are the few things which you could make regular parts of your ad campaigns.


7.    Mobile Marketing

Whole world is switching to mobile but there are not common mobile tactics used for marketing purposes. The traffic of 55% on Google and 80% of Facebook is completely mobile based. So, the use of permission-based text marketing would be a much better option for your marketing strategies in 2018. 

Digital Marketing is an ever-changing Industry. And in 2018 the web user’s experience will be enhanced by Google by different tactics like relevancy of page’s content, use of personalized search engine results and faster page response speed. 

There is great need of time and effort to stay up on all updates regarding digital trends. And for making your business reach its desired height and goals you would need to follow such uncommon digital trends in 2018.