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Seven Things Your Competitor Can Teach You about SEO Metrics


There are different search engine Metrics for various different kinds of business. Now, you might be thinking, how your competitor would be able to teach you about the SEO Metrics?
Well, they don’t directly but indirectly they do. You will just have to follow the websites of your competitors and it’s all set to be done and to learn some exciting things about SEO Metrics.
Nature of any business is the main fundamental things which determine the SEO Metrics and goals. And following the same track as that of your successful competitor you would definitely spark knowledge about SEO Metrics.
The Various SEO Metrics that Your Competitor Would Teach You:

1. Links: In case you are new to the practice of SEO than the first thing which would be crossing your mind would be link building. And the things which you could learn from your competitor are page authority and domain authority through links SEO metrics. 

The most beneficial thing related to Links in SEO metrics is that it predicts the answer how strong or authoritative is the page in which you are trying to create the link.


2. Keywords Choices: The only thing which you need to do is to closely analyze and look into the competitor's pages and you would find the more relevant keywords which are targeted and subsequently been used in your competitor pages. More precisely you would be able to know about the search volume, competition level, short tail and long tail keywords.  This will give you ideas about prospective keywords which you need to target in your website.

Image result for keywords planning

3. Reputation: If your business is solely customer-centric then for you the most important thing to learn from your competitor is their reputation. In building the reputation of your business the most important thing which matters for you is the customer reviews.  Therefore in order to bring more traffic to your website the only thing which you would love from your competitor is about building the reputation of your website. You can look into the reputation of your competitor in the way they are solving the queries of their customers whether positive or negative.

Image result for reputation

4.    Nature of Content: For any website whether it is profit oriented or non-profit oriented, the most important thing which goes on to build brand awareness, enhancing organic traffic and increased SERP rankings are largely dependent on the nature of the content which is been published. In order to make all these things work high-quality content is what you need. In fact, the main reason behind getting quality traffic to your website is through content. You should look into your competitor website in order to identify the loopholes which are present in your competitor’s website. And by this, you can work on the weaknesses of your competitor in order to build your own content strategy.

5.  Variety of Blog Postings: The success in SEO does not solely depend on keywords but in fact, there are lots of other extra components. And one of the major components related to it is the blog postings. The various things which you could analyze while looking at your competitor website are as follows:

    Nature of Content.
    The frequency of blog postings.
    Unique, resourceful and informative content.
    Relevancy of content on a blog.

6.  Meta Elements: The title tags are of very much important for your website as it communicates or tells your users and search engines kind of content incorporated in your respective pages. You will have to identify your top level of the competitor and break down the code they have built the title and Meta tags of their top ranking pages. This will help you in accepting the best practices in order to frame title and Meta tags for your website.

7.   Social Signals: Search engines are usually attracted to those websites which have much broader social signals. You should choose a competitor which is very strong in attracting social signals and should explore the strategy behind it. 
 Social Signals
These SEO metrics of your competitors will be very helpful in bringing you into a position which would require little strategy tactics in growing your business and SERP of your website. You should always look into learning to analyze and study the competitor SEO strategy in order to optimize your website.


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