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Seven Ways Social Media Marketing will Change in 2018


The main hurdle which comes across various social media marketing brands is keeping up with the changing trends in social media marketing.

The changes in the social media trends are largely due to various social media platforms which come and go and due to changes in user behavior. Due to this, the approach of the brands for social media marketing changes too. 

In this type of trend changing scenario if you will look at the strategies of social media marketing of 2014 now then it would look like you are looking at some things very orthodox.

You could also compare the few drastic changes which have come across social media platforms from that of 2014. Some of the drastic change to feel are as follows:

•    A Facebook algorithm has seen some drastic changes.
•    Twitter’s 280 character limit introduction.
•    Influencer outreach rise in LinkedIn.
•    Live video having a go at Facebook and Instagram platform.
There are lots of other social media changes which are not much greater than this change. 
Here’s the list of social media marketing techniques you should use in 2018 to keep your products and services trending on social media platform:


 Mastering the art of social storytelling
The blasting of promo links more than often is now very far from an effective social strategy. This is much more similar for any social platform in case you are looking for any new followers.

That is the main reason now social storytelling is the thing in the trend now and this often lacks the previous sets of required strategy. The story based posts are much more engrossing than any simpler posts on social media platform as the story based posts brings discussion rather than getting only clicks.

Tuning Your Facebook Presence in a Better Way
 Tuning Your Facebook Presence in a Better Way
The changes in the algorithm related to changes and promo have given us the need to talk about the need to discuss as our social media marketing strategy.

Many of the marketers have panicked a bit after Facebook’s recent announcement for deemphasizing brand content. The major strategies to be used in tuning your Facebook presence in a better way are as follows:


  •  Stop baiting about your posts.
  •  Reframing your Facebook links in a much better way.
  •    Do some experiments about your products and strategies with Ads.

•    Rebuilding and Presenting Your Best Content
 Rebuilding and Presenting Your Best Content
According to our survey, there would be a greater need for content creation in this modern strategy of content building. You should schedule multiple posts per day across various platforms of social media.

In case you don’t have the time for generating new content ideas or you have short of resources and schedule than the better thing to work is by repurposing your previous best content for a various platform on the social media platform.

•    Tagging Influencers and Brands in Posts

You could guarantee score more of an exposure for your post when you tag more influencers along with your posts in social media marketing. Just like posts which come along with hashtags receives more attention than the normal posts similarly tagged posts tend to earn more attention than any normal posts. 

You can use your keywords or hashtags for looking and finding the suitable influencers for your posts.

•    Mingling with Micro Influencers
 Mingling with Micro Influencers

Instead of increasing someone’s follower count you should look forward to defining your worth as an influencer. This is one of the best tactics in building your social media strategy in a better way of targeting your niche audiences can actually work in your favor.

In the simpler word if anyone doesn’t have many followers it doesn’t mean they are not worth to be part of your social media marketing strategy.

•    Tapping into Geotags on Instagram
In case you are looking for building your local following, then the most important social media tactics are geotagging on Instagram. 

Geo Tagging on Instagram
Tagging the location of your business on Instagram signals that your business is a part of the local community. 

•    Go Live
The video content is popular from last few years but in 2018 brands are taking it in a broader way to push the boundaries of live video.

Go Live
The live videos on any social media platform get much more interactions than pre-recorded videos and it goes up to six times. People can take the advantage of Facebook Live in increasing the brand value of their product and services.

So choose accordingly which Social Media Marketing Tactics will you Use in 2018:

Brands are constantly going through for latest and greatest trends which would be used as their strategies for engaging social followers. These social media marketing strategy can be used by you for promoting your brands and services on social media in 2018.


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