The advertising space for any digital media content is generally dominated by two digital arenas i.e. Social Media and Search Engines. The two spaces are so dominant that there are various marketing tools solely based on advertise on the platforms, for example SEO or Facebook advertisement management.

The two spaces full fill different kinds of purposes that are required for the development of digital enterprise. This article shall deal with this different element that isolates a difference between the two marketing arenas.

The following are the strong points of Social Media Marketing:

     1. More Accessible Audience

The social media is accessed by majority of internet users that include a variety of audience. The exposure that social media provide without a proper initiative taken by the audience to look out for the content is enormously powerful for organic reach and development. The image of the business is put forth to a big crowd forming a strong influence.

     2. Better Brand Highlight

The social media platform is a hub for trends and styles that dominate human interactions and therefore the advertisement of any company can land up in norms of such trend set ups.

     3. Customer Interaction

Platforms like twitter build up an interface though which customers fully let out the experience on the services provided by the company and thereby the platforms act as an open feedback system. Social media also enables the company to understand the audience base that dominates their website targets.

The following are the major influences of Search Engine Marketing:

     1. High Conversion Rate

The audience that search out for the specifications mean business and thereby enact more measures to participate and help the business process.

      2. Interaction with the enact digital entity

The audience of the search engine advertising directly visit your website which is another good sign for business. Unlike social media which is entirely a third background to customer interactions, search engines produce direct contacts to the customers

      3. Less delay in conversion

Another factor is the frequency of the conversion rate, the analogy between the two marketing space has led to the conclusion about how the people arriving from the search engine propagation are bound to interact in buying or investing.