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The Latest Development about Google AMP that You have to Know


Last year there was much hype about Google’s mobile friendly search engine algorithm Mobilegeddon across all SEO community. And in the similar way, a lot of discussions are currently going on about Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). 
However this time it is less havoc creation and ease way of knowing the things. But possibly there would be large number of questions crossing your mind about various things related to Google AMP. And we will go through exactly those sorts of questions related with Google AMP.

1.    What is Google AMP?
According to Google the perfect definition of AMP is basically it is an open source project designed which is there for helping web publishers create mobile optimized content which instantly loads on all mobile devices. 

What is Google AMP

2.    The Working of Google AMP:
The working of Google AMP is basically based on the existing web technologies. The HTML used in Google AMP is of open source and the most important thing related with Google AMP is that it allows its site owners to create light weight web pages. The HTML which is used in AMP is simply HTML5 which comes along with a set of specifications which includes requirements and restrictions.

The Working of Google AMP


3.    Websites which Should Use AMP:
The main focus of AMP is on the news stories from online publishers which is the main source for content by Google search in mobile search results. However AMP is also relevant about other types of businesses which include ecommerce organizations.

4.    The Reason Behind Google AMP Creation:
The persons who are looking for searches or web surfers are always looking for rapid search results. The main reason behind Google AMP creation is that Google wants to provide users speed as they are facing a lot of competition in today’s world. And thus providing surfers with superior speed during content accessed could help them maintain their brand value or market value.

5.    The meaning of AMP for SEO:
There is no direct link between AMP and search engine ranking factor and there won’t be massive boost among sites which adopt AMP. However there is indirect relation between AMP and search engine ranking speed matters. And any website which has lower loading time it would obviously become surfers first and prime choice.

The meaning of AMP for SEO

6.    Knowing Google AMP’s Potential Pitfalls:
The major potential pitfall which comes along with Google AMP understands the limitations which come along with that of AMP platform. And one of the prime reasons AMP is faster is because users can code their pages in significant ways. 

7.    The role of IT in AMP:
The initiatives of AMP involves HTML coding and programming so this the most prominent reason behind including IT development. IT will need the work and help of others for content creation and planning but the actual maintenance and implementation would need to be done by IT.

8.    What are the Benefits of Google’s AMP?
Reduce load time.
Low bounce rate.
Enhanced SEO.
Adjustment on any browser.
Optimized Data consumption.
Mobile Friendly.
No need of site map. 


What are the Benefits of Google’s AMP

The vast reality is that AMP’s future is still completely uncertain and it has potentially has big implications for the mobile web. The future is but dependent on whether Google AMP becomes widely adopted as standard.

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