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The Most Insane SEO Strategy You Should Know in 2018


SEO strategies have been always disturbing even the smartest of the digital marketers now and then. So, it has been of utmost important for keeping your SEO strategy right and clear in 2018 and beyond.
The modern technologies frequently change the SEO techniques and strategies to be used and the adverse part of this is many of us are not even aware about it.
The techniques which were more than enough for ranking your website at the front page has now become completely outdated and of no use. 
That is the prime reason of you to remain at the top and in this post we have provided you with the most insane SEO strategy which will definitely boost your monthly visitors and also increase your website ranking.

Various Trending SEO Techniques in 2018

Almost we are nearing the end of this 2018 year and yet many of our fellow websites owners would not be aware about the trending SEO techniques in 2018 which are sure shot to take your website to the whole new level. 
There could be plenty of options which will help you in increasing the ranking and traffic of your website to completely different level. But the only thing which you need to do is to recognize and choose the best SEO techniques and strategy which would be beneficial for your website.

Let’s first figure out the trending SEO techniques in 2018:

Search engine marketing strategy

  1. Improve rankings by improving engagement.
  2. Making your existing pages longer.
  3. Focusing on YouTube SEO
  4. Site speed improvement
  5. Users focusing on topics instead of keywords.
  6. Backlinks building.
  7. Analytics and reporting
  8. Optimization of your site technically.
  9. Listings and Local SEO.
  10. Guest blogging or Posting.

These techniques are the pure sets of strategies to be used for your SEO in 2018 to keep your website in top of search engine results page and thus increasing the credibility of your website.
But, we have some excellent news related to these trending SEO techniques in 2018 as out of these ten techniques there is one insane SEO technique which would definitely bring out the best out of your website. 

Here’s Most Insane SEO Techniques of 2018:

SEO strategies changes with change in demography and is completely different for different websites. So majorly it’s you to decide what is the most fruitful strategy for your own website?
What people mostly lack during their SEO techniques and strategies is they ignore the most important aspect of their website which is audience.
So, here are the most insane SEO techniques of 2018: Improving Engagement to Improve Rankings
The most suitable question for it is, what actually do you mean by Engagement? Engagement actually means the ability to get users or viewers attention. 
It is not officially declared by Google but strong user engagement attached to any websites provides it with higher page ranking than the rest.



What are the various metrics for traffic and engagement on websites?

  1. Search Visits
  2. Total Visits
  3. Direct Visits
  4. Global Rank
  5. Time on site
  6. Bounce Rate
  7. Page Views

So how can you can improve your website’s engagement? Here are five tactics which can increase the traffic and engagement on your website.

  1. Formatting the posts for your websites for easier reading.
  2. Keep in mind the reader’s interest by using the bucket brigade copywriting technique.
  3. Use more and more images in your content.
  4. Writing up of articles in the inverted pyramid style.
  5. Bounce rate.

The major fundamental behind increasing traffic to your website or doing your website’s SEO completely insane is just focusing on solid content creation and copywriting fundamentals, engaging your viewers deeply and staying updated about the technical trends like Backlinks, SEO health, site speed and schema.
But always keep in mind that the basics of SEO will help your website gain higher click through rates, engagement and of course rankings. So do keep your instincts stick with the basics.

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