With the increase in the competition in every industry, it is necessary that digital marketing is completely understood in this digital era. It is necessary that marketers board in the ship of future and enjoy the right platform to promote brands. It is also must to stay updated with the changing trends and expand the capability to grow business. For this, here is a list of top 9 digital marketing blogs that provide the knowledge on what is changing in the market. They also provide knowledge on the breaking news, marketing strategies, increasing competitions and fundamentals that ultimately help to know what is digital marketing in real terms. 

Top digital marketing blogs

Social Samosa:

This blog provides high-toned content that encompasses in-depth case study, industry highlights, campaigns reviews, interviews with prominent icons and other factors that provide a clear view of the digital platform. 

Social Beat:

These blogs focus mainly on entrepreneurs and digital marketers. They help people to create a footprint of social blogs, digital world and a complete guide to different strategies. 

Campaign India:

These blogs cover topics on the current trends in the digital media. The blogs are based on the opinions and news for the digital world. 


These blogs are highly referred to keep the pace with the advertising world. It is a right destination to understand related things like advertising and marketing in the digital world.  It has guest articles, online trending campaigns, social media statics and who’s who. 

 Light House Insight:  

These blogs provide knowledge on the latest news, digital media trends and facts about the digital marketing for better understanding. 

Simplify 360:

Blogs here give the best insight on the topics that are trendy online and helps to discover the world of real-time conversations. It develops knowledge on how to stay updated and know the dimensions of the marketing strategies. 


This was set up for quality content, publishing niche and applicable ideas for media professionals and advertising executives. It provides complete information like news, data analytical, detailed opinions and tracking of the marketing world. 


These blogs are known to provide tips for influencers to create brand-centric contents that will help readers to know what is happening in the digital world. These blogs prove to be the best platform that easily connects influencers, bloggers and brands. It covers the latest news on marketing and supports successful campaigns.  

SEO Techy World:

The contents of these blogs are inclined towards content marketing, search engine optimization and other digital marketing related issues. 


These are top blogs that provide complete knowledge on what is happening in the digital world. Provides latest news, trends, strategies and other important factors on digital marketing.