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Top Five Digital Marketing Blogs in India to Follow


There are lots of digital marketing blogs currently getting published but what is which makes any digital marketing blogs to fall among the top five digital marketing blog in India. The best way to judge any blog if it falls under the criteria of digital marketing blogs is that it should be portals which provides tips and trends of the industry.

The top digital marketing blogs are those which cover the relevant digital marketing topics and maintain the true spirit of digital marketing with the help of their content. While writing this posts the only thing which I kept on my mind was to see blogs which covers digital marketing holistically. 

List of Top Five Indian Digital Marketing Blogs:

• Sorav Jain

Image result for sorav jain

The founder of digital marketing firm Echovme maintains this blog who name is without any hard guesses Sorav Jain. Added to this Sorav is also a digital marketing trainer who held’s his session throughout the year. 

There are many great aspects of digital marketing contained in his blog which is mix of paid media, social media, and SEO. Apart from this his blogs also provides news article about any recent changes in digital trends.

• Digital Deepak

Digital Deepak

Deepak Kanakaraju is one of the most famous and accomplished digital marketer in India. He has vast amount of industrial experience and has worked Practo and Instamojo.  Deepak has immense experience in blogging and has sold a famous blog called Bikeadvice.in. Deepak provides online as well as offline training seminars for individuals who are interested in digital marketing career.

The persons who are interested in learning about digital marketing could learn a lot from his blog. He has written some of the most popular articles and blog posts about digital marketing.

• Lighthouse Insights

This is one of the oldest digital marketing blogs happens to be in India. This platform is basically a social media case study platform which throws insights on social media campaigns by brands in India. The blog includes a great quality of their research in their articles and hence it is a very good blog to follow for you.

After social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook etc became a channel for paid digital marketing advertisement; Lighthouse Insights has started providing various updates about their advertising technology.

• Social Samosa

Social Samosa

This is one of other famous blog of India which is similar to Lighthouse Insights and gets in the category of one of the top five blogs in India. The only thing which makes it different from Lighthouse insights is that they do not have research and case study oriented approach in their articles. 

This blog usually deals with the latest campaigns and tips for improving social media strategy. They also provide many social media workshops and seminars for professionals and companies who are there for getting knowledge about social media landscape.

• Markigence

Harsh Vardhan Dutta who heads a digital marketing agency since 2010 is the head of this blog. The reason why this blog has made a cut to the top digital marketing blogs is because of the personal commentary provided by Harsh about marketing campaigns in India.


There are lots of other famous digital marketing blogs which could be added in the list. There would be lots of more digital marketing blogger taking the platform in sharing their knowledge. 




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