The digital world undergoes evolution of trends very frequently, but the ways through which audience like to interact with sustains itself to a longer period of time. The revolution of videos enacting thoughts and ideas to the digital world with various flavours emotions has taken over the propagation of the digital media content. The following shall be the account that justify the growth of this platform for digital media market:

  1. Videos and GIFs (Graphic interchange format) indulge a user for greater span of time providing a visual treat, thereby capturing more attention and provoking interest.
  2. The portrayal of human emotions can provoke a major yield of audience to the content mean to digitally marketize the content.
  3. An informative video about the product can provide more understanding to the audience, as compared to a portrait.
  4. With the growth of social networks like youtube, who encourage such practices and even provide assets to the content creators, the video marketing techniques have provided amongst the digital market.

A 5 second visual to induce a huge collection of thoughts; The videos and the gifs can oscillate the audiences thoughts through a themes that sets apart the content in the eyes of the viewer.