In order to safeguard YouTube from fraud and misleading use, YouTube has decided to add a new requirement for the users. With this new requirement, users will have restrictions to add external links at the end of the videos. Currently, users are able to add videos in the form of end cards, and now YouTube has made it mandatory for every account to meet this criterion to add videos. Some new requirements are – User has to join the YouTube partner program and channel should have 10,000 over public views. YouTube cleared that these new restrictions are imposed to prevent abuse of end cards.

A spokesperson from YouTube also cleared that the company will personally evaluate the accounts before granting approvals. Adding an end car to a video means that a screen is added that directs viewers towards a link. This is an effective way to drive heavy traffic to a particular website. It is a common situation where You Tubers add end cards to point their viewers towards patreon, finding campaigns and merchandise stores. End cards are highly used to meet this purpose and it is never a problem to direct viewers to the selected website and reaches the expected marketing goals.

The main purpose is to stop and restricting videos that were uploaded to reap the rewards from sketchy channels that upload copyrighted videos or the contents from other You Tubers. Therefore, after this new restriction, there is a message stating that “you’ll need to enable your channel for monetization”. This means that it is necessary that you join the YouTube partner program however it does not mean that you need to monetize your channel with ads. There is a complete freedom to use end cards without any form of monetization. It is sure that this new requirement will not affect current You Tubers or the existing end cards.