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What it is

Google Analytics is all about collecting and analysing the overall performance of the website. This starts from the study of the web traffic, content and behaviour of the targeted customers. With the high demand of Google Analytics experts in the market, we at Delhi Institute of Digital Marketing have come up with the personalised Google analytics course for interest candidates. The main purpose of the course is to help trainees to analyse and develop best analytical skills that can help in finding the best web solutions.

In the Google analytics certification course, our expert trainers provide great insights about the website and targeted customer’s behaviour. During the course, candidates get the opportunity to learn the ways to track visitor’s behaviour who visit it from the different source. This is the best way to make the final and effective marketing decisions that will lead to sure business success. Trainees will also develop skills to understand the current marketing strategies and find the ways to experience improvement in the website traffic. 

Key benefits of Google analytics certification course:

  1. Learn techniques to use Web Analytics
  2. Learn the best practices to improve the traffic over the website to generate more leads
  3. Get better understanding of the prospective customers
  4. Best course model that emphasis on leaning and practical knowledge with various exercises on Google Analytics
  5. Flexible learning modes like weekend/weekdays and Face to Face classes

In the Google analytics course, we provide face to face classroom sessions, best training content in the presentation and video forms, weekly exercises, home assignments, Q&A support, Research projects along with Weekly and weekday class options as per the comfort of trainees. This course is highly beneficial for the students who are seeking a job and are graduate or post graduate in the streams like commerce, management and technology, working professionals in this industry or the business persons. 

In recent years, we have emerged as the best Institute in Delhi that offers career and result oriented Google analytics certification course to the trainees as per their business requirement or career option. Understanding the requirement of the modern complex marketing concept, we ensure to offer the best course that introduces highly qualified Google Analytics in the market. For a better understanding of the course, fee, sessions, duration and other elements feel free to reach our expert by contacting on the details provided in the Contact us section. 



Google Analytics is a service that enables the user to analyse the functioning of the webpages and business campaign with respect to its visibility on target search engine.


To understand the complex functioning of this module, the candidate will go through a detailed understand of 9 sub modules; these sub modules constitutes the major portion of this process.


The analysis from this service can provide the understanding to eventually develop the marketing skill; if the visibility is identified search engine, one can attain major traffic.

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Training Process

Setting up Analytics Account

The first step into the understanding the google analytics is to set up an account and link your website.

Adding Tracking Codes

One has to add some technical amendments to the website that is supposed to be linked with the analytics.

Setting a Conversion Matrix

A conversion matric is another technical add up or necessity to enable a thorough functioning of the service.

Analysing and implementing strategies

The last step deals with the most likely use or outcome of the analysis, this module ends with giving a sense of growth .

After Learning Training Process


The module will bring froth the ability to understand the functioning of the content and market strategies to the applicant, this will provide space for development


The analysis is a concept majorly based to influence the future planning of the strategies and this module meets the need of executing full proof structures.


Leading businesses around the globe use the google analytic service to attain a plan that can be implemented for greater targeted audience.


The course deals with a step structure that aims at teaching the basic elements that link up the various processed so that the individual can pursue the overall knowledge related to the context.