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With the increasing demand of digital marketing, it is required to provide digital contents for the Smartphone users. For this, one has to learn about the Mobile Marketing tactics, technology and developing high-quality contents by completing the Mobile Marketing Course that we provide.   

If you are thinking to get into an ever growing world of Mobile Marketing, then you need to look for advertising on this digital medium for your business growth. We at Delhi Institute of Digital Marketing have come up with the balanced Mobile Marketing Course that is designed by the market experts in this industry. This considers passing and developing skills among the trainees of the required technology and Apps that are must for understanding this network marketing concept deeply. 

Mobile Marketing Course Syllabus

  1. App Marketing: In this course, trainees will learn about App Stores Optimisation along with other organic ways of promoting mobile apps
  2. App Monetisation: This section covers understanding the basic of App Business Model and other approaches for the Monetize Apps
  3. Projects and Assignments: In this section, candidates will get exposure to the hand-on experience in the Mobile Marketing with weekly projects and assignments
  4. Research based Internship: We ensure to provide real live projects to the trainees. For this, we provide research based internship where you do research every week on various important topics. For this, you will have to handle the blog post on dedicated website. 

What will you get after completing Mobile Marketing?

  1. Understand the scope of Mobile Marketing and opportunities of developing Mobile App Marketing 
  2. Understand various promotional principles based on the promoting Mobile Applications on various App Stores Optimisation (ASO) and other App
  3. Best possible ways to monetize Mobile Applications using In-App and Ads purchases

Candidates after certification from DIDM have a good background and starts quickly in this industry. They are given preferences in the entry level in various marketing organisations and enjoy high a growth career. Along with this, our Mobile Marketing Course is also gaining high preference from the business persons and professionals who wish to grow their business and career by learning this high demanding digital marketing concept. So far we have trained a large number of candidates whose success is proud for us. For every individual who wishes to learn more about the course or the industry will be free to contact us and get expert advice by contacting us at the provided contact details.