New Permissions to Communications Manager Role Added by Google My Business

The communication manager role has been updated to site manager role by Google My Business and by this several new permissions has been added now.

Businesses which have multiple users for managing their Google My Business Listing should be completely aware of these new permissions.

The people who have been designated as a communications manager in Google My Business are now capable of doing things of which they were not having permission before.

The new capabilities which are provided to the site managers now includes:

In Google, My Business role site manager gets the lowest level of permissions, which is basically behind manager and owner in that order.

Here’s a comparison chart which compares the permissions of all three roles:

Google My Business

These changes are based on user feedback as it has pronounced by Google.

Here’s what Google Spokesperson had to say,

” Based on your feedback to enhance the role of communications managers on Google My Business, communications manager will be renamed to site managers.”

This changeover from communications manager to site manager will take place within the next few weeks.