Twitter Introduces Show Latest Tweets Button

Twitter now has introduced a quick toggle button for their users between latest tweets and top tweets.

Today an update on iOS about Twitter will be out today which brings out a button to the top right-hand corner of the application when you are viewing the timeline.

You will need to switch to a reverse-chronological feed, and then you will have to tap it again to go back to the algorithmic feed.

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This feature was announced by Twitter back in September that work and progress are going about it.

At that time, Twitter announced that the feature would be available within a few weeks’ time. Then weeks turned into months but nevertheless, the feature is finally there to iOS users.

Those who have been using Twitter from its early days could remember that the timeline was reverse-chronological for years by default.

Twitter after some while introduced a Facebook like algorithm feed which was a move done as an effort to attract more casual users.

This has been a successful move for Twitter as it resulted in increasing both engagement and conversions as it used to show users what they were most likely to be interested.

However, people still demand to see the most recently published tweets. But there are certain instances which include breaking news situation or sporting event, where people prefer to see the latest tweets feed.

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Users will have to periodically re-enable the latest tweets feed as anytime Twitter’s priority will still be surfacing top tweets.


With the introduction of the latest update at least there’s now an option to immediately view recent tweets without going deep into the application settings.

To start with Twitter is rolling out this feature out now for an iOS user, but according to the saying of Twitter, this feature will be eventually available for Android as well as desktop users.