In any case, there is no solution if your website had some negative experiences by the last update of Google. But it is necessary to know about the Google update which would have the good or bad impact on your website.
Last Wednesday, Google released a broad core algorithm update and this was done after Google noticed shifts in rankings and traffic. There will several other algorithm updates which Google will update per year out of which many are still not confirmed by Google at this point.

Broad Search Algorithm Update is coming Soon Confirms Google
The algorithm update which came in March and April were also related with broad core algorithm updates. And those updates related to the webmasters have not changed.
In other words, Google will continue to make changes in its algorithms in order to make their search results better for their users. 
According to Google, there is nothing which webmasters could do in order to fix their pages to rank better after the update. 
Instead, to improve your rankings try making your website better over time and Google will definitely recognize those improvements over time.