The main reason why content marketing is given after thought about composing a wider digital marketing strategy is the time and skill needed for it and the lack of immediate results with the help of content marketing.

There has been a new finding from B2B research, ratings and review company named Clutch that content marketing was able to influence about 82% of consumers to make purchases.

The best result which content marketing could provide is providing rise in sales and providing brand visibility through SEO. Another benefit which content marketing provides by moving potential customers along the sales funnel.

The survey also highlighted that the 53% of people are likely to revisit the company’s website after they go through its content. The other 50% of people are likely to carry on their research related to company products or services.

The content marketing strategy has become so much common nowadays that nine out of ten consumers are confident of identifying content marketing used when they see it. 60% of consumers identified the content of all the businesses they engaged to be nearly the same.

Two thirds of consumers which sums up to 67% said that content marketing is useful and valuable when it is of high quality and thoughtful.

Where as there are 33% of customers who said that the content marketing is biased and unreliable.

For a successful content marketing campaigns, each and every brands should ensure that their content is accessible for various range of platforms and consumption habits.