According to the Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS), responsible for systematically monitoring adult tobacco consumption and tracking key tobacco control indicators, 81 lakh Indians have quit using tobacco as compared to the numbers in 2010. The tobacco usage rate has been seen falling at an impressive 6% in the last 7 years. The latest report showcases India’s improved condition thanks to recent anti-tobacco measures. The measures include disturbing pictorial warnings on the tobacco product packets, higher taxes and an intensive awareness campaign. Going by the facts, since 2010, reports have been surfaced showing a huge reduction of 33% in tobacco usage among 15 – 24 year olds and a massive 54% among minors!

In GATS’ latest household survey, a total of 74037 people were surveyed which included people of age 15 and above. The survey was carried out across India between August’16 and February’17. Such surveying began in the year of 2009-2010.

They say indirect idea plantation has its pluses which come to benefit people in due course of time. When the terribly painful pictorial warnings were printed on the product packets, this seems to have been the idea behind such a visually disturbing measuring as 55% of smokers and 50% of other tobacco users admitted to have plans to quit. Khaini, bidi and gutka are some of the commonly used tobacco products among Indian men as women are betel quid tobacco lovers and like khaini as much as men do. According to the current survey, 19% men, 2% women & 10.7% of all adults smoke tobacco whereas 29.6% men, 12.8% women and 21.4% of all adults use other tobacco related products. The age initiation too seems to have gone up a notch as it was 17.9 years in 2009-2010 and presently it is 18.9.