After the high-profile Google hack, Google has decided to upgrade the security by introducing two-factor authentication tools. This comes with an improved physical security measure that aims at protecting high-profile users from any potential cyber attacks, politically motivated risk and other security risks.





This new service is known as advanced protection program and potentially slated that is expected to be launched next month. After its launch, the standard authentication process will be for the important services like Google Drive and Gmail with physical security keys


Google two-factor authentication tool

After the implementation of this security features, it will restrict all types of third-party services and apps that could easily connect to the user’s Google account. As per the Bloomberg report, the new changes will not affect the standard Google account owners. This new security product will be marketed to the politicians, corporate executives and other departments with heightened security concerns at the initial stage. As per the report, this updated security is to prevent activities like 2016 hack of the Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s Gmail account which resulted in the publishing of the attack with the links to the Russian government. Google thereafter decided to improve the security features and focus on protecting sensitive materials that are important for the political prominence. 

These newly advanced security keys will be required by the users to keep them plugged in order to get access to the additional security controls. This will make more difficult to gain remotely control over the others Gmail or Google Drive accounts for hacking or misuse purpose. This new service will likely to overcome the loopholes in the Google security. In today’s time when technology has advanced, it is necessary that new security measures to be implemented to protect such accounts from any threat and fraud. It is Google responsibility to protect the privacy of the user.