A new notification has been provided from Google My Business which helps in people getting the notification when their local listings go live.
GMB or Google My business (the commonly known name) is set to launch a new feature which will help the business owners when the local listings they provided go live in Google Maps and Google Search.
 Google My Buiness
The community manager of Google My Business, Allyson Wright, announced this in Google forums which stated that Google is in the process of launching a new notification which will help in informing you and your business going live on Google Services, like search and maps.
This feature is not applicable and not works for those who have over 100 listings in their account and they prefer to keep on doing bulk submissions. This feature is only available for users who have their user language preference set to “en-US”.
In case you haven’t signed up for Google My Business, there would be two separate notifications coming your way which would be a welcome email and another one the notification which mean the listing is live. So it means that you should provide your proper email address to Google my Business.
There is also a link through which you could configure you my business notifications:
 Google My Business Settings
In case you are not able to see this feature yet, there is nothing to worry as Google already said this feature will be rolling out more broadly soon.