In times when the youth is obsessed with tech, Varshil’s decision to embrace monkhood has literally shaken the country! Varshil Shah is a teenager living in Paldi who scored a breathtaking score of 99.99% in his class 12th examinations of the Gujarat State Board this year. The former class 12th commerce student took DIksha today in Surat and became a Jain monk.

He gave his ornaments to his mother before sitting for the pooja. His parents told the journalists that Varshil alongwith the rest of the family were always inclined towards spirituality and Varshil’s decision to embrace monkhood didn’t surprise them at all.

Varshil used to attend Satsangs during his vacations and it was the Satsangs where he met people of respected backgrounds who had left their fields to seek peace and tranquil in the spiritual world.

Upon asking, Varshil’s parents said that they were a little disappointed as the father being an officer at the Income Tax Department of the country had better plans for the lad. But as Varshil didn’t ask for anything ever in his life, the one time he did, his family chose to permit the boy to live life at his own terms deciding what was best for him first and thinking about the society later.