On the 4th of Oct, 2017, Google organized a mega event to launch its Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL phones at San Francisco. However, in addition to these two devices, the technology giant also had many other devices to show off to the audiences. 
The launches by Google in mega event
Given below are the brief details of the products that were included in this launch event in addition to the Pixel 2 phones. 


A) Pixel Buds: Following Apple’s lead, Google ditched the headphone jack in the Pixel 2 devices to come out with the Pixel buds. These buds are compatible with other Android devices that operate on Android 7.0 or higher. 

B) Home Mini And Max:  The Google Home Mini and Max are internet connected speakers developed by Google to perform tasks such as stream music through voice commands and even operate any smart devices. All this is made possible with the help of Google Assistant, which has been integrated with the speakers. 

C) Clips:  Symbolizing the seriousness of Google to make a foray into the hardware market, Google also launched its first standalone camera named Google clips. This extremely compact camera has been designed to make the process of recording videos quite simple and hassle free, thanks to its use of AI and machine learning. 

D) Daydream View:  This virtual reality headset is an updated version of the model that was launched last year. The device can be used for immersive VR experience in combination with the Pixel phones designed for both virtual and augmented reality. 

All and all the event was a grand one and you can surely taste the flavour of technology by tasting any of the above 4 launches by Google on 4th Oct.  So get ready to experience technology in a new avatar.