According to the latest WARC’S latest global ad trends report, advertisers from different parts of the world are expected to spend $29.8bn approximately on online video in 2018.

The majority of the video advertisements will be done by the social media platforms and this figure has 27.5% hike from the previous year expenditure on video advertising.

According to the WARC’s report, one out of every 10 advertisers gets negative results from spending on video advertisements. The report also suggests that people are not affected by the negative adjacency and shortfalls of the social media platforms and are going to invest further on video advertisements.

The online advertising industry is finally taking some effective steps and that too in the right direction. The same reports of WARC stated that 90% of advertisers are planning to increase their brand safety efforts in the next 12 months.

There would be much conflict on the point whether the brand is safe or not but there would be a forecasted spend of $30bn approximately on mobile video advertising and there would be an overall growth of 17.5% which accounts to $170bn approximately on all video advertisements.

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