Google has finally introduced a new mobile wallet app considering the high demand of the secure payment gateways online. Tej is based on the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) platform that is built by the National Payments Corporation of India. This new application enables users to transfer money that does not require inputting any bank account detail of the recipient. For identifying the recipient, UPI ID is used as a proxy for the account number and IFSC code. Thus, this app is simple and provides the high secured transactions to all the online transfer of money for various purposes.

Tej from Google- The New Mobile Wallet App for Online Secure Payment Gateways

Although the Google is filled with various digital wallets, this app has some special features that make it popular with the available ones. If you are considering the difference then Tej is an extension of the one’s bank account means that the user does not have to maintain the balance in the app for making transactions. The transaction money will be picked directly from the bank account and will be within earning the bank interest when not in used. For smooth operating, this app requires entry of the UPI pin from the sender that adds to a new security feature.

This new application can be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices easily. Tej is also similar to the BHIM app. For successfully operating it, the user needs to synchronize it with the Google account and the mobile number linked to it. It is the most secure and user-friendly operating Google wallet for online transactions. With this new app, it is easy to send money to your family, it is easy to split the dinner bill among the friends or make any other payments for daily usage. 

No matter whether the payment is big or small, Tej will be the highly suitable application for any type of online monetary transaction. Some of the important uses of this new app are - pay nearby, get secured payments with Tej shield, money in the bank, supports every bank and make any online transaction on any apps or the websites of different companies and even get some digital surprises in the form of discounts.