We are well aware of the fact that the augmented reality functionality is bringing a revolution to digital marketing in the near future. We have already witnessed the phenomenon placing up major marketing opportunities that shall be the centric theme of this analytic article. We have witnessed the major marketing leads showing interest and transforming the digital search into a personalised experience. Google is on a roll to transform the search system into unitary function that is personalised on an individual basis. The elaborate methods were teased in the latest conferences, the casual updates on the google assistant and the follow up on more AI based hard wares. The best example of the impact of augmented reality into marketing was the trend set up by the game, Pokemon GO. The game followed up a massive trend of users visiting different places, the different business platforms including Reliance Jio and Starbuck saw this opportunity as a marketing plan and collaborated with the game. Not just the big leagues, but the small business made up tactics to allocate game entities near their physical business spots. The effect was evident and ensures the confirmation for the change to outbreak an effective marketing movement.