Gowardhan Puja is a popular festival of Hindu culture that is celebrated just after the Diwali. It is the celebration of Lord Krishna’s victory over Lord Indira. For understanding this festival, there are various legends associated and are believed to their fullness. This festival is celebrated majorly in states like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab and Maharashtra. In other states of India, this festival is also celebrated with different names according to its significance and other reasons associated with it. The main purpose of the Puja is to offer prayers and focus on different Pujas to the deity over the celebrants in themselves. 

As per the history associated with Gowardhan Puja, it is associated with the small hillock located near Mathura in a place called Braj. The specification of Gowardhan Puja is available in the Vishnu Puran and the reason for the commencement of this Puja among the people of Braj. There was a small town Gokul where people used to worship Lord Indira as the belief was that he provides rain. The rains were important to earn livelihood and people are depended on it. Lord Krishna insisted people for worshipping Govardhan Parvat as it is the one who brings rain and not Lord Indira. When people followed this, Lord Indira warned people with heavy rain. Lord Krishna saved people by praying Govardhan and lifting it on his little finger and people took shelter under it. 

With the global influence of the Hindu culture, celebration of Gowardhan Puja is not restricted to India only. It is also celebrated in different countries like New Zealand where Lord Krishna is worshipped. Gowardhan Puja is a symbol of worshipping and giving thanks to all the gifts that nature has given to human beings. It is the human responsibility to care, conserve and be thankful to nature for all its precious gifts.

Gowardhan Puja is also associated with its unique style of celebration across India. For experiencing the real beauty of this celebration, make sure to visit Vrindavan on this day. Attires are the centre of attraction during the Gowardhan Puja. Even there is no standard attire, however, as per the Hindu tradition, it should be the ethnic Indian wear and modest. Women prefer wearing sarees and men wear kurtas and pyjamas. Adding to this, people in different states wears the traditional dress of their state and enjoys this festival with great happiness and prayer offerings.