Gandhi Jayanti is among the popular three national holidays of India and is celebrated on 2nd October each year. This is the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. He is also popular by the name Bapu and father of our nation or simply Mahatma. In order to celebrate this special day, schools and offices are shut as it is a popular national holiday. Gandhi gave India the concept of truth and non-violence. He believed in living with peace and be honest in life. On this auspicious day, prime minister and President of India pay their homage to the memorial of Gandhi at the Raj Ghat in New Delhi. 

Gandhi Jyanti


Significance of celebrating Gandhi Jayanti

Mahatma Gandhi was born on 2nd October 1969 in Porbandar, in Gujarat. His father was Karamchand Gandhi who belonged to a Hindu Modh community and his mother Putlibai belonged to Pranami Vaishnav community. Gandhi was a good man with a great heart that generated respect among people for him. Indian knows him for his contribution in the freedom struggle but the rest of the world remembers him as a great personality. India celebrates various festivals and special days based on the past events and rituals of Indian culture. The purpose for the celebration of various festivals in India is to spread the happiness and remember the tale behind it.

Mahatma Gandhi is known for his various movements and contributions like announcing of 21 days fast for Harijans, he introduced Quit India slogan and protest against the tax on salt. With his courageous heart and unafraid spirit, he was imprisoned on various accounts during the freedom struggle. This is the reason that his birthday is celebrated as Gandhi Jayanti across the nation to promote his high thinking, strong willpower and simple living. These were the factors that emerged him as a great leader in India who united the country for the freedom struggle. 

In addition to this, Gandhi Jayanti is also celebrated to remember the acts and contribution of this great personality and pay tribute to him as his acts brought goodness to the humanity. Gandhi and his contributions are acknowledged across the world and he is the great iconic for every individual. As each and every religion preached about peace and brotherhood, Gandhi Jayanti also contributes to it. No matter from which country people belong, Gandhi Jayanti has now emerged as the day of celebration for every individual.